VOCALUV integrates your personalized feelings within your perfume bottle

What do you get?

Personalized Messages

Record a personalized voice message.
At each cap removal the message is played.

More messages + More control

Record and re-record your message 200 times. Up to 3 years life battery and cellphone speaker with volume control.

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Vocaluv integrates your personalized feelings within your perfume bottle.

We wanted the combine expression of the fragrance with the personalized touch of a voice message as a functional present.

Designed to acquire your story, wherever life takes you and preserves that special part with those dearest to your heart

Vocaluv translate your love expression with exclusivity, transforming your ordinary to its masterpiece while freezing the moment.

Perfume Brands

Our select brands to perfect gift for your loved ones are ever growing. Some of the popular brands you will be able to present with Vocaluv will include:

Technical Details

What's in it for you?

Ultimate expressive gift for intimacy

Permits the user to record at various instances these personalized notes in an aim to share an emotional/ intimate human voice messages with loved ones.

Recorded voice messages can be easily updated several times from the recording device and modified to suit occasion as needed by the user holding the device.

Personalize existing perfume gifts with an added recorded private voice messages for various occasions or to convey important personal messages between users.

Our Gift Box


VOCALUV offers a variety of gift boxes to send with your perfume gifts

Something to say

If you had something to say, one melody to sing, one emotion to capture, on such a day to a special one, how would you do it? Release the scent of love, and its emotions with VOCALUV

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